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I'm Rachel


If you're here, you are celebrating something pretty special. You're also here because you want to learn a little more about me. After all, it's true,  you will spend the majority of your wedding day with your photographer -- so I think it's important you get to know me too! Here we go....

I am from the beautiful Southern California, which usually means if it's not perfect weather I don't want it. Funny thing now-- I shoot rain, shine and even through snow storms. Wait. What? Yes, the more elements the better!  I met the cute guy next door (literally he was my neighbor) and said I Do myself 5 years ago. I love our story. Fast forward - we now have a German Shepherd named Atlas, a cool kid named Amelia and another on the way. We are a flying family after all the adventure. 


You need to know this -  During your experience with me, you will receive beautiful photographs but first, you will have a photographer who has your back from start to finish. I am an expert in my industry and I LOVE what I do & at the end of it, there's a good chance we will become friends. I want to know all things you're willing to share & be there for one of the greatest days you'll ever have. My work is Pure, Passionate, and Personal.  If you want more than a vendor & believe in these things too, we really should connect. Here's what next. Fill out this booking form below and let's begin. 





“Rachel blended easily with guests & added fun & calmness to every moment she was with us, which really made us feel at ease & enjoy our time taking photos. ” 


—  Nika Worlund , 2017 Bride


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It starts with having a connection to me and what you see here. When you're ready, send that email & let's get this thing going.
Portrait sessions start at 500 //
Weddings start at 3200 //
Seattle, WA | Los Angeles, CA


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