Dominique + Zach | Vasquez Rocks Adventure

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

There will never be another first. You are reading the FIRST blog post straight from the fingers of me - Rachel Birkhofer. From the second I began to type, I knew I had just unleashed something very special. This platform is a way for me to share my work socially. But most importantly, it is a way for me share REAL life love stories of the people I meet and have the utmost honor of photographing. How cool is that?! I get to share that with you! Dominique & Zach - you're up first.

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I reconnected with Dominique on a recent work trip back home. She hired me for a portrait session in Malibu and in the first 10 minutes of catching up, I knew this wasn't the end for us. Fast forward to my next trip to sunny SoCal and we had a couple's session on the books with her and her boo. The thing that makes me love Dominique as a client and friend is that she trusts me with the details little and big. From looks, locations down to the accessories. Having a client that trusts you is like hearing that you're a good momma. (I'm a mom. That's the best way to describe it). So thank you girlfriend. You are always a breathe of fresh air.

We chose Vasquez Rocks because 1. I knew we needed something a little exotic & different from the beach 2. Well, that's basically it. We both had never been. By the way, never did I think I would have to trouble shoot a rain storm in California. Like a legit storm coming in hot and completely freaking out every single Californian in sight. Now a Seattleite, It's a good thing I've already mastered this.. If you know me, I only cancel if someone is dying. The rainstorm was not going to hold us back! You couldn't tell we were seconds away from being absolutely drenched could you? This is what I love about the couples that feel inspired by my work. I truly believe they see themselves in these photos too. D & Z were the perfect example of being open to wherever the session took us. Like climbing rocks while the rain attempted to ruin Doe's perfect wave & being incredibly nice to the Sheriff Deputy just so we could stay a little later. During this session, I witnessed a young woman's incredible love for life and the life she shares with a guy who is absolutely wild for her. This is my favorite part- Learning who you are separate and as one. Let me tell you something. It is truly inspiring for me to see the crazy love between my couples. It reminds how blessed I am to see people on their absolute best day.

Fun fact- these two are not engaged and I think it confused a lot of people when these photos were shared. Why can't we just take professional photos because we love each other?! Do we have to be married or engaged?! Pssshhh. Starting new trends over here. When that time comes you both - I'm so ready.

Signing off until the next -

Thanks for being here.

xo Rachel B