Kayla & Jessie | Engagement at Mount Rainier National Park

2008. That's the year I graduated high school. [If you didn't know my age, well... surprise!] So back to '08. This was the year I last saw and spoke to Kayla before she reached out to me about engagement photos. You have to understand when 10 years go by and you haven't seen your peers since and they reach out to you to photograph their milestone moments, it is an absolute honor. Especially since I know they have been following my photography business journey (and life) from afar this entire time. So, to put it out there to all I have known for a decade plus and photographed (there have been dozens) THANK YOU for choosing, supporting, and trusting me. Seriously, thank you!

Engagement Session at Mt Rainier National Park

Back to their story, Kayla and Jessie made a special trip out to the PNW just for these photos. Say whaaatt? I mean could you blame them? I know I have the luxury of living in a ridiculously gorgeous landscape so I was like "come on over!". When she mentioned she wanted the ultimate outdoor look it was with no doubt I would lead us to Mt Rainier. But would I be crazy enough to lead two Californians into the wild with potential snow on the ground? I'll be honest, there were concerns at first but we got through them (ha!) and we lucked out with a gorgeous day at the mountain. Catching up with Kayla and getting to know Jessie made 5 hours fly by. I mean it was 10 years of life that have gone by so there's a lot to say! Let's be honest, Kayla is a therapist so it was mostly me talking (for those that know me you would agree) haha! From meeting at UCSB to now planning a wedding in Mexico, life has brought them into a beautiful season. Your outdoor engagement photo wish is my command.

Congratulations to you Kayla & Jessie!

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Rachel Birkhofer