Laurel & Brooks | Sunset Engagement Session at Orcas Island

When it comes to your engagement session, think about the landscape that makes you happy. The kind of place that makes you feel most at home. For some, it's the urban city streets. For others, it's the outdoor spaces with crisp air and falling leaves. For Laurel and Brooks, it was all about the water and trees. We chose Orcas Island because the island gave you the feeling of being far far away. Just a ferry away, you can escape to find the very thing you love about the PNW - all the green and blues (and let's be honest even the gray). So where is that place for you? Choose a place where it stops you in your tracks. Trust your photographer to get those shots and be in the moment with you fiance. You're on a date and I'm the third wheel. Enjoy yourself, what's around you, and have some fun! 

...and here you have it. An engagement session spent with lots of laughs and romantic moments in between. What are your plans for your engagement session I hope this inspires  you to make it fun, make it about the things you love to do and wear the things that make you feel beautiful. In return, you will love your photos because they will be the truest reflection of you both!  


Rachel Birkhofer 

2020 Rachel Birkhofer Photography